Rémi Boyer

Monolith of sardières, a beautiful multi-pich route in the Alps.

Hello my name is Rémi, I am French, and I have been a passionate climber for several years now.

I began to climb in south of France, and I fell in love very fast with this sport. Since this time I have dedicated a lot of time to climb.

Firstly, leading in many different spots in south of France then in the Alps around Annecy and lastly bouldering in Fontainebleau when I moved there four years ago.

I started quite fast to train. At first with more experienced coach, for competitions. Train for a competition is particular. Because of the precise deadline, you have to plan everything.

After some years I decided to climb more outside and stopped to compete. This moment has been for me the starting point to self-training by the trial and error approach. And in this process the climbing gyms close to my place were a big help.

Climbing is a leisure. I am and I will stay a climber amateur. I have always been studying and then working in the same time.

Then to fit with my obligations training has to fill some conditions:

  • It has to be a pleasure!
  • It ought not to take too much time! Like most of us my spare time come after work.
  • It should lead me to achieve my goals!

And as I am crazy of climbing, training by climbing appeared as an evidence. Following this way, I have managed to combine my passion and all the obligation of life.

Since my beginning I travelled as much as I could to climb in new places. And I have achieved some of my goals always finding new ones to train for.

Here two of my last achievements before moving in Norway. They have been a goal for a sometimes and I have needed a lot of effort to send it with the summer condition.

« Opération plat du désert », a incrediblely sloppy problem in Font.

« Orange juice », a beautiful line, for the movement and the rock.

But when I think about them, it is more the moment that I have shared with Nicky, a friend of mine who have took this pictures, which matters rather than to have sent them.

It is why the most important for me is all this experiences, places and persons that I have met by climbing.

As a volunteer in France, I helped other climber to train and to go outside, and oddly it has been as enjoyable as to send my own goal. I am sure that you have already felt this happiness when someone send a problem using your beta.

By giving this course I wish I will be able to help you on this way.